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Several experimental studies have been conducted to examine the short-term effect of alcohol intake on feeding behavior and appetite control [3•, 5]. In these studies, alcohol appears to have no effect on appetite, or to increase appetite [5]. However, to date there have been few intervention studies conducted to experimentally examine the effects of regular alcohol intake on weight gain or obesity in humans.

  • So, your system prioritizes getting rid of alcohol before it can turn its attention to its other work.
  • One of the main reasons alcohol has gotten such a bad rap is for this very reason.
  • This leads to decreased digestive secretions and movement of food through the tract.
  • The biggest tip is to have moderate drinking and avoid heavy drinking at all costs.
  • As your body senses this dehydration, it’ll try to hold onto water.

Men are also more likely to drink beer, which is carbohydrate rich, and provides more energy than wine per standard drink [5]. Another important confounding factor to be considered is physical activity level. Furthermore, beer and spirit drinkers appear to have poorer dietary habits in general than wine drinkers [3•]. Thus, accounting for both sides of the energy balance equation (intake, expenditure and lifestyle habits) is crucial to evaluate adequately the association between alcohol intake and obesity. Overall, obesity is a multi-factorial condition and it is difficult to truly assess the independent influence of alcohol intake on obesity risk. The slow development of obesity and multi-faceted nature of this condition really complicates the possibility to show a cause-and-effect association between alcohol consumption and weight gain.

Alcohol Leads to Poor Dietary Choices

A modest increase in weight of one kilogram over a 10 week period seems insignificant but over five years this could result in up to 26 kg of weight gain if no compensation takes place. A summary of the studies examined in this article, organized by the trend between alcohol and weight gain/obesity can be found in Table 1. Additionally, drinking alcohol negatively impacts your metabolism and body’s ability to burn fat, contributing to weight gain. Consuming https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/the-hidden-effects-of-binge-drinkin/ alcohol also makes you hungrier for high fat, high sodium food while impeding your judgment, which further contributes to poor food choices. Moreover, whether a dieter should be able to manage moderate alcohol consumption depends on its contribution to their daily calorie intake. It is hard to stay on even a moderately low-calorie diet and eat enough protein, carbohydrates, fruit, vegetables, and dairy products to meet one’s daily nutrient needs.

does alcohol make you gain weight

But keep in mind this is exponentially increased if you’re a heavy drinker, eat bad fattening foods, and aren’t exercising. Drinking too much wine can lead to the overconsumption of calories and possible weight gain. In addition, excess alcohol intake may hinder how your body burns energy and fat. As much as we enjoy drinking alcohol, we perhaps don’t always keep in mind how it affects our bodies.

How alcohol could cause weight gain

So, Chaturvedi mentioned that wine might be the healthiest option amongst the options available. I recently experienced a pretty tough life with my ex-husband & then we went through a divorce. Reading this article is a complete eye opener to why I gained a ton of weight.

  • Alcohol inhibits fat oxidation, suggesting that frequent alcohol consumption could lead to fat sparing, and thus higher body fat in the long term [62].
  • French et al. [15] measured alcohol frequency ranging from 1–2 times per year to every day, while estimating the number of drinks per drinking day from 1–36.
  • Alcohol does not cause weight gain the same way eating a donut does.
  • Anyone looking to drop those final stubborn pounds may want to consider skipping their evening glass of wine.
  • Alcohol consumption isn’t as black and white for weight loss and weight gain.

Meanwhile, a 1.5-ounce (44-mL) shot of vodka has 97 calories (7, 8, 9). While the calories in one glass of wine don’t seem like a lot, a few glasses pack over 300 calories does alcohol make you gain weight and a bottle has upwards of 600 calories. Depending on how much you drink, wine can contribute a significant number of extra calories to your daily intake (6).

Alcohol spikes cortisol levels in your body.

When people discuss alcohol’s effect on weight, they typically refer to the calories in alcohol as the leading cause of weight gain. Otherwise, keep reading as we look at the three ways alcohol can lead to higher body weight, waistline, and health problems in the long term. Alcohol can possibly trigger the Whoosh Effect if you’ve been dieting and exercising hard for a while.

This is why after weighing yourself on Monday, your weight may have skyrocketed up a handful of pounds but a couple of days later is back down to its normal weight once you get back on your diet. Alcohol bloating due to acute gastritis usually disappears within a few days, but chronic gastritis symptoms can last months or even years. A doctor may prescribe medications to protect the stomach lining from damage due to high levels of stomach acid. Heavy alcohol consumption can damage your digestive system and impact your metabolism because the body would have to prioritize eliminating alcohol before other nutrients. Your body breaks alcohol down into a chemical called acetaldehyde, which damages your DNA. Damaged DNA can cause a cell to grow out of control, which results in cancerous tumors.

Alcohol Affects the Body’s Fat-Burning Capability

Think again if you can circumvent this problem by drinking “skinny” margaritas or clear liquor with soda water. Overall, Simon says, that the best protection against weight gain is “sticking to that average of four or less drinks a week for women, and less than two drinks a day for men.” “Beer belly” refers to that protruding stomach some men carry around.

does alcohol make you gain weight

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